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Authentic Nepalese Restaurant

A True Taste all the way from the Himalayas

Curry Special

Karahi Dishes

Prepared with green peppers, onions & tomato to a thick sauce served on a sizzling karahi dish with a dash of ginger

Chicken Tikka Karahi       £8.25

Lamb Tikka Karahi            £8.25

King Prawn Karahi          £12.50

Prawn Karahi                       £7.95

Mix Vegetable Karahi        £6.95

Everest Special Karahi    £9.95  

Prepared with mixture chicken, lamb tikka, prawn & vegetables

Chicken Dishes

Chicken Curry 
Medium                                £6.95

Chicken Dhansak

With lentil                             £6.95

Chicken Madras

Fairly hot                               £6.95

Chicken Mushroom

With mushroom                  £6.95

Chicken Vindaloo

Very hot                                 £6.95

Chicken Bhuna

Spicy & thick sauce           £6.95

Chicken Rogan Josh           £6.95

Chicken Saag

With spinach                        £6.95

Chicken Nepal

With mango                          £6.95

Chicken Dupiaza

With onion                            £6.95

Chicken Kashmiri

With pineapple                    £6.95

Chicken Pathia

Sweet & sour                       £6.95

Chicken Korma

Mild                                         £6.95

Lamb Dishes

Lamb Curry Medium         £6.95

Keema Curry                        £6.95

Made to your taste: mild, medium, hot OR very hot

Medium                                  £6.95
Mild                                         £6.95
Very Hot                                 £6.95

Lamb Dhansak

With lentil                             £6.95

Lamb Madras

Fairly hot                               £6.95

Lamb Vindaloo

Very hot                                 £6.95

Lamb Bhuna

Spicy in thick sauce           £6.95

Lamb Rogan Josh                £6.95

Saag Gosht

With spinach                        £6.95

Lamb Dupiaza

With onion                            £6.95

Lamb Pathia

Sweet & sour                       £6.95

Lamb Korma

Mild                                         £6.95

Balti Dishes

An authentic dish prepared with generous helpings of fresh ingredients: ginger, garlic, coriander, herbs & spices

Balti Chicken                        £7.50

Balti Lamb                             £7.50

Balti Palak Gosht

With spinach                        £7.50

Balti King Prawn              £12.50

Balti Prawn                           £7.95

Balti Mixed Vegetables     £6.95

Balti Special                          £9.95

Prepared with a mixture of chicken, lamb tikka, prawn & vegetables

Seafood Dishes

Prawn Dishes

Prawn Curry Medium       £7.50

Prawn Dhansak

With lentil                             £7.50

Prawn Madras

Fairly hot                                £7.50

Prawn with Mushroom    £7.50

Prawn Vindaloo Very hot £7.50

Prawn Bhuna

Spicy in thick sauce           £7.50

Prawn Saag

With spinach                        £7.50

Prawn Nepal

With mango                          £7.50

Prawn Dupiaza

With onion                            £7.50

Prawn Kashmiri

With pineapple                    £7.50

Prawn Pathia

Sweet & sour                        £7.50

Prawn Korma Mild             £7.50

Seafood Dishes
King Prawn Dishes

King Prawn Curry

Medium                                £11.95

King Prawn Madras

Fairly hot                              £11.95

King Prawn Vindaloo

Very hot                                £11.95

King Prawn Bhuna

Spicy in thick sauce         £11.95

King Prawn Saag

With spinach                       £11.95

King Prawn Nepal

With mango                        £11.95

King Prawn Dupiaza

With onion                           £11.95

King Prawn Kashmiri

With pineapple                  £11.95

King Prawn Pathia

Sweet & sour                      £11.95

King Prawn Korma 
Mild                                        £11.95

Biryani Dishes

A complete meal of basmati rice preparation with sultanas, coconut powder, bay leaves, saffron & herbs garnished with sliced egg, brown onions, cashew nuts & coriander. Served with a separate vegetable curry

Chicken Biryani                   £8.95

Chicken Tikka Biryani      £9.95

Lamb Biryani                       £8.95

Lamb Tikka Biryani           £9.95

Prawn Biryani                      £8.95

King Prawn Biryani          £11.95

Everest Special Biryani  £10.95

Prepared with a mixture of chicken, meat, prawn & vegetables.

Vegetable Biryani                £7.95

English Dishes

Chicken & Chips                 £7.95

Lamb & Chips                      £7.95

Chips                                       £2.50

Nepalese Street Food

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