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Authentic Nepalese Restaurant

A True Taste all the way from the Himalayas

Tandoori Specialities

Traditional beehive shaped clay oven used widely in the Indian sub-continent. All tandoori dishes are delicately marinated overnight with fresh herbs & spices, then grilled naturally in the clay oven to create a subtle taste. Practically no fat is used to cook & are a must for the weight watchers. All tandoori dishes are served on a sizzler with a fresh side salad so enjoy the healthy option

Everest Narayani Macha.. £10.95

Served with salad, very delicate whole sea bass marinated in herbs & spices, then grilled in the tandoori.

Tandoori Chicken
Half: £7.25           Whole:£10.95

Grilled chicken on the bone.

Chicken/Lamb Tikka Main £8.50

Grilled boneless chicken OR lamb pieces.

Tandoori King Prawn........£12.50

King prawn marinated in herbs & spices, grilled in tandoori.

Paneer Shashlik.................£8.50

Tender piece of cottage cheese skewered with capsicum, tomatoes & onions.

Tandoori Mixed Grill.........£12.50

Mixture of tandoori chicken, chicken tikka, lamb tikka, seekh kebab & king prawn.

Chicken Shashlik Main.......£8.50

Chicken pieces skewered with capsicum, tomato & onions, grilled in tandoori.

Lamb Hasina Main.............£8.50

Lamb pieces skewered with capsicum, tomato & onions, grilled in tandoori.

Seekh Kebab Main...............8.50

Skewered spiced minced lamb grilled in tandoori.

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